We can all agree that music is no competition. But once every year there is the opportunity for the audience to shine a light on their favorite artists and show their appreciation by voting in the DJ Mag top 100 Poll. For the first time in history, five legendary artists come together to send out a different message. A message of unity that reflects the core values of their genre: Hardstyle.

The initiative for this unique campaign comes from five headliners in the Hardstyle scene: Headhunterz, Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers, Coone and MC Villain. By taking a stand together, these ambassadors of the harder styles aim to represent one of the world’s most dedicated scenes and bring it to the DJ Mag Top 100 in a way that shows what it is all about: Solidarity.

The hardstyle scene is home to one of the most dedicated crowds in the world. Fans around the globe all feel a powerful connection to the music, the events and above all - to each other. Therefore we say: Put your family first - Vote Hardstyle!

V o t e   H a r d s t y l e !